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Medium Holiball® Bubble Set

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Who's ready for some whimsical fun in their life? Say hello to Holiball® Bubble—where fun meets festive flair! These fabulous bubbles are here to make a big splash. They're inflatable, deflatable, reusable, and super storage-friendly, making them perfect for indoors and outdoors. Hang them, stake them, or float them—get ready to let your celebrations shine bright with vibrant style and effortless charm!


        • 2 Medium Holiball® Bubbles (inflates up to 18" in diameter)
        • 2 Holiball® Plugs
        • 1 Monofilament

The Holiball® Bubble Features:

Easy, Simple Setup

We recommend using the Holiball® High-Pressure Inflator to inflate the Holiball® Bubble. They can also be inflated using most household electric air pumps or an air compressor. Once fully inflated, simply insert the Holiball® Hanger Plug. All that's left is hanging or placing your Holiball® Bubble to instantly transform your space.

Opulent Design and Durability

Holiball® is crafted from UV-resistant engineered polymer, ensuring durability and the ability to stay inflated in harsh climates without needing reinflation. These bubbles are built to last, no matter the weather.

Simple Cleaning and Storage

Cleaning your Holiball® products is a breeze with just soap and water—no special products needed. Say goodbye to oversized storage containers cluttering your garage and attic! Holiball® Bubbles deflate to fit into a compact 12" x 12" bag for effortless storage. Store them with like colors in a cool, dry climate to maximize product longevity.

Get ready to elevate your decor with Holiball® Bubbles and bring a touch of whimsy to any occasion! #HAPPYHOLIBALL everywhere you celebrate!

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