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  • I have been married for 18 years to my college sweetheart and am the mother of three redheads. I am a former educator, real estate agent, love home organizing and list making, and get really excited about a “good find.”  I lived in London for three years with my family, have traveled all over the world (been to 32 countries), but still call Houston, Texas my home.  I am passionate about my family and my faith.  I am continually coming up with new product ideas that entertain my family (I know this because they laugh).  Finally, one idea stuck, and I pursued it.  Along with my two cousins, I have introduced this new product to the Christmas market and it debuted in November 2019.    I have had cervical cancer, melanoma, as well as brain surgery in the last 15 years.  I mention this because it has taught me to go after my dreams and live life to the fullest….in an organized fashion, of course.  :)  I thrive on seeing our product in the hands of a happy consumer.  There is nothing better than having customers wait in line to speak to us at market to tell us that our product is amazing.  That moment in January will be one that sticks with me for a lifetime.


  • I’m the full-time chaos coordinator of my two littles and my husband of 10 years. I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 11 years. Now that the littles are off at school during the day, I get to sit my “mom-ager” hat down to pick up some of my passions. I’ve had the opportunity to put my creative mind to work in interior design and now, Holiball™! I love all things in decor.  All of it.  The decorating, designing, planning, detailing, etc..and for almost everything; birthday parties, showers, the Olympics (really! My daughter was fascinated with the Olympics in Brazil. So, we made decorations and a Brazilian style dinner just to watch the opening ceremonies), styling interiors, designing spaces….ALL aspects of it. My downfall is that I often become consumed with my detailed eye. It’s a love-hate relationship. I strive to create the vision I have conjured up, but I often look up and realize I spent hours perfecting a small detail (like my kids party favors). This may have happened a few times ;), BUT it has perks too.  All of my efforts are put to work because it is personal to me and I care about the end product I’ve created. Whether it be as small as a party favor or as big as our balls, I strive to make the BEST product that I believe in, and I love hearing that our customers do too.


  • I grew up as a small-town Texas girl with a huge family that I love dearly. I left Texas and headed to the East Coast to pursue my degrees in Architecture and Business at Carnegie Mellon University with big dreams in real estate development.  I spent the first several years of my career in commercial real estate development and eventually made my way to Houston, TX.  In 2017, I was laid off from Corporate America and finally decided to take the plunge as an entrepreneur.  I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. (Even from the age of 9, when Kristy and I made and sold solo cup chickens at the 4th of July Jubilee.  We had the entire jubilee chirping!)  I partnered in an architectural signage business with a friend which we grew to be one of Houston's Top 100 Fastest Growing businesses within just two years.  That business sparked my entrepreneurial spirit and my creative nature even further.  I have taken chances in different business ventures.  Some have made it and some have not but they have all taught me valuable lessons and how to pick up and keep going!  My philosophy has always been “go BIG or go home” in everything I do.  From design to décor to real estate to balls. The bigger the better!  I cherish spending every minute I can with my family and friends and continue to pursue my passions for drawing (I have piles of sketchbooks!), interior design and house flipping projects in my spare time.  It’s a true joy to see Holiball finally come to life and the excitement we get from our customers as they celebrate Holiball style along with us this season. 




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